Friday, June 10, 2011

OMG presents ♥ New Love True Love ♥

some sneak peak  for OMG lovers...

we've been wanting to share this with you for a long time.
it's not the completed lookbook..but enough to show our love for ya.

we had tons of fun & unforgettable miracles during the photoshoot.
the miracles are saved for get ready for the fun stuff ♥

drum roll please..........

It all starts on a beautiful Sunday...
                                                  looking & feeling extraordinary fabulous

with our gifted, we are ready to rock n' roll

Let's get the party started!

Girls with wishes......

Jade's wish : oh..please please please...make me strong like Jesus

                                   Janelle's wish : oh Jesus..please take me away to somewhere special

Fiona's wish : my heart only belongs to the one on the cross...

                                    what will happen to the girls? will their wishes come true?

                                                  not enough........wanna see more?
                             the completed NLTL lookbook & video will soon be available only at
                             stay tuned with us on on facebook & twitter to join us @ the premier.

Special thanks to our wonderful team
Models: Jade McDaniel + Janelle Manning + Fiona Pitt
Photographers: Charles Lucima + Han
Makeup & Hair: Juliet Jane + Sarah Bachman + Sayuri Mitsumori
Church: First Christian Church Torrance
Inspiration: God + Jesus Christ